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Our Teachers

Corpus Christi Musikgarten
Coastal Bend School for the Arts       

Margaret Jonker

Margaret Naismith Jonker has a love for music and children.  She has taught Musikgarten and private piano lessons since 1999. She taught preschool music at First Presbyterian Preschool and all levels through 5th grade at First Baptist School for a combined 6 years.    Mrs. Jonker is Vice President of the Corpus Christi Music Teachers Association, and a member of the Texas Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Summa Cum Laude, from Lubbock Christian University as well as the Dean's Award for graduating Valedictorian.  Mrs. Jonker enjoys composing worship music, playing the piano, gardening, and traveling.  She is also the director for the Sunshine Melodies Fines Arts Camp which is celebrating its 30th year and serves students in the community ages 1st through 8th grades.

Nan Borden

Nan Borden and Margaret Jonker
Musikgarten of Corpus Christi-Coastal Bend School for the Arts       
Make Music Every Day! Seize every opportunity to add a song to what you are already doing.
©      A musical home develops aural perception at a time when your child’s absorption of language is continuous and effortless. The traditional songs and rhymes you sing to him/her are energizing as (s)he turns toward the direction of your voice, and later begins to vocalize and imitate sounds. You and other family members encourage this by repeating the sounds with joy and enthusiasm to acknowledge his/her discoveries.
©      The vital process of learning for your child follows an individual timetable unique to him/her. You, your family, and home create the environment which encourages and sustains your child to reach his/her full potential of body, mind, and spirit. Music and movement activities create neurological connections in this critical period of development of selfhood. The simplicity and integrity in doing what comes naturally bring joy and pleasure to everyone involved.
©      Move - this is your child’s favorite way of being and his/her best way of learning. Your active participation with your child at home will nurture the seed, help it to grow and lead to the next step.
©      Listen - this is perhaps the most important skill you can help your child refine.
©      Sing - often for your child, and s/he will join you in singing. Just as your child started talking by first repeating syllable, then speaking single words and gradually putting a few words together in sentences, so likewise will s/he come to singing. 
©      Play - this wonderful word of childhood has a double meaning: musical play in general and playing instruments specifically.
Ms. Borden is a specialist in music for young children starting her 43rd year of teaching. She has a degree in music education (all levels) from the University of Texas-Austin. She has a Kindergarten endorsement from Texas A& M CC, Level I & II Orff certification from Texas A& M Kingsville, Level III Orff certification from Colorado State in Fort Collins, Level I Kodaly Training from Texas State University in San Marcos and Six Levels of Musikgarten certification from TCU, Ft. Worth, Texas, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas and teacher trainer Lelani Miranda, Houston, Texas.  Ms. Borden is an accomplished teacher, vocalist and recorder player. 
  Nan directs the Corpus Christi Youth Chorale.